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Horseback Riding, Camping, Girls Horse Camps

Welcome to Wild West Campground for an unforgettable horseback riding and camping experience. Although we are located fairly close to town, we are secluded enough that an activity with us feels like stepping into an 1850 rustic western village. Bring your RV, camper, or tent and live the life of a modern cowboy.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding | Camping | Girls Horse Camps


Besides camping and horse back riding, we are also known for our all-girls horse summer camps where each camper is assigned her own horse to love and learn on.

Girls Horse Camps

Wild West Campground
9495 Highway 54
Amherst Wisconsin 54406
715 824-5112


Located on 90 acres of scenic rustic countryside close to Amherst Wisconsin, Wild West Campground offers horseback riding, girls horse camps, camping, and family fun. We have a corral with more than 20 horses that we enjoy sharing with our guests. We take pride in our good ranch horses. They are gentle enough to take excellent care of a first time rider, but well trained so that an experienced horseman can also enjoy them.

The time on the trail will quickly pass, but you are more than welcome to stay a little longer with us to enjoy our warm hospitality and family activities in the 1850s Western traditions. Join us for an unforgettable camping and horseback riding experience!
Jay Adriaenssens, owner

Girls Horse Camps
Horseback Riding
Girls Horse Camps
Horseback Riding
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