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How do I know if Halverson Firewood Processors will work with my machine?

  Our processors are built to be compatible with many common skid steer brands and other equipment that uses the universal attachment plate. Please refer to the specifications below. Here are some of the basic compatibility requirements that must be available on your skid steer to operate our processors.

  • Case Drain
  • Minimum 15 GPM Flow Rate (no more than 20)
  • Minimum 2850 PSI

Saw Motor:

Saw Oiler:

Max Saw Cut:

Splitter Cylinder:

Saw Chain:

.404 80 gauge, 18H Harvester series

Piston Pump Bent Axis Motor

Automatic 2 quart oil tank


4" bore x 24" stroke

Splitter Force:

Splitting Wedge:



36,138 lbs

4-way hydraulic - Optional 6- way

Sliding trough carries log to wedge

Max Log Diameter:

Max Log Length:

Min Log Length:

Firewood Cut Lengths:

Saw Bar:




Up to 22"

Length: 31" Harvester Series


Universal Quick Attach: SAE Spec J2513

Additional Information

Travel - 107"

Working - 129"



1,638 lbs

3/8" Steel

Flow: 15.5 gpm - max 20 gpm Pressure: 2850 psi Connections: 1-Pressure, 1-Return & 1-Case Drain







Hydraulic Reqirements:


Perfect for commercial and residential use, the HWP-150 Skid Steer Firewood Processors of Halverson Wood Products in Pine River, MN truly make the job hassle free. When attached to a skid steer or other equipment, it enables the operator to easily and efficiently perform wood cutting and splitting tasks which normally requires 2 to 3 people and a couple of tools - all inthe comfort of the cab seat. The HWP-150 features a hydraulic wedge and a longer grab arm that opens parallel to the log.  It cuts logs that are 20-22″ in diameter and it has more splitting force than the HWP-140. Read on to learn more about the firewood processing equipment.

HWP 150

Firewood Processor

Starting at $21500

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