Firewood Processors

Japa 315+ Firewood Processor

Safe and Easy to Use

This processor is equipped with a log feed and splitting mechanism that minimizes pusher movements. As a result, cutting logs, especially shorter logs, is much faster. To top it off, the infeed, cutting, and splitting functions are all controlled by the one hand. 

The guard has been designed to ensure maximum visibility inside the processor, which helps with maintenance (i.e. accessing and servicing the chain). Opening the guard also deactivates the saw and splitter, helping to prevent injuries. 

High Up-Time & Consistent Results

A separate oil reservoir automatically lubricates the bar and chain to prevent overheating and keep things running. 

The adjustable metal positive log stop ensures your wood is always cut to the right length. Unlike a hanging chain or rubber antenna, this metal stopper always provides consistent results. 

Max Log Diameter: 12 inches

Max Cut Length: 19.7 inches

Wedge Knife Options

4-Way Wedge, 6-Way Wedge

Perfect Split Knife Options: N/A

Warranty: One year