Firewood Processors

Japa 395 Firewood Processor

Safe and Easy to Use

A single joystick controls the feeding, sawing, splitting, and adjustment of the guide plate. This makes the 395 incredibly easy to use. 

As with all Japa machines, when the guards are open - the saw and splitter will not function. 

The 395 also has adjustable outfeed conveyer speed at the main control panel, as well as a hydraulic log press/clamp roller to keep crooked logs in place when sawing. 

Optimized Performance

The 395 is designed with a pusher that has vertical relief, an adjustable hydraulic splitting knife, a hydraulic log stopper, and a hydraulic guide plate. 

The hydraulic guide plate allows for the logs to have a controlled drop into the splitting chamber. This feature can be turned on and off via the blue button on the main control joystick. 

The standard splitting knife is a 6 way, while 4 and 8 way knives are optional. The knives can be changed in under a minute, and you don't need any tools to change them. 


Max Log Diameter: 16 inches

Max Cut Length: 20.5 inches

Wedge Knife Options

4-Way Wedge, 6-Way Wedge, 8-Way Wedge

Perfect Split Knife Options: N/A

Warranty: One year