Firewood Processors

Japa 435 Firewood Processor

Safe and Easy to Use

The single joystick controls the feeding, sawing, and splitting of logs, as well as the guide plate. This makes the 435 incredibly easy to use. 

It's also safe. When the safety guards are open, the hydraulics are disabled so the splitter and saw can't run while you are working in the chamber. 

We recommend pairing the 435 with one of the Japa Timber Decks, otherwise you will be processing wood faster than you could load it. 

Perfect Split and Perfect Clean

Perfect Split uses a box wedge style knife to give you consistent sized firewood with every log you process. Sensors allow the splitting chamber to automatically cycle until each log is fully split. 

You can also switch to manual mode to control each split cycle separately. This is great for large, stringy, or knotty logs that don't lay nicely in the split chamber. 

A separate conveyor exits the rear of the machine carrying all debris that was shaken from the firewood. This gives you and your customers a cleaner and more consistent end product. 

Max Log Diameter: 17 inches

Max Cut Length: 21.7 inches

Wedge Knife Options


Perfect Split Knife Options:

4-Way Perfect Split, 6-Way Perfect Split, 8-Way Perfect Split (softwood/straight-grain only)

Warranty: One year