Firewood Processors

PTO Driven Hydraulic Power Unit Firewood Processor

Starting at $3,285

The HWP-HPU was designed for the tractor owners whose machines do not meet the minimum requirements needed to run our firewood processors or other attachments!


Halverson Wood Products is excited to announce the new PTO Driven Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)!!

This HPU has a 25 US Gallon oil tank made of 12-gauge steel. The HPU measures 34 1/4” X 30 1/4” X 20” and is powered by a PTO driven pump that has 21.2 GPM and a max of 2,500 PSI. This HPU has a PTO pump speed of 540 RPM. The HPU features a thermometer and sight glass, adjustable legs and has a three-point hitch to connect to your machine! The HPU comes with a 50 GPM hydraulic cooler with a 12-volt fan and wiring!

Weight: 210 lbs
Dimensions: 35 x 34 x 25 in